Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The Tip Sheet


Trading is not investing. Investing is not trading.

Dr Jekyll is an investor. He doesn’t want to speculate, he wants to put his money to work and make a reasonable return. In a good year he is aiming for 10%. He might make 25% or 5%. He likes dividends and huge blue chip companies. He isn’t interested in speculative nonsense. He plans to become wealthy over decades.

My Hyde is a trader/investor. He wants to speculate. A 10% profit is of no interest to him nor is a portfolio. He wants to buy a share that will double or triple. Sometimes he gets it right and makes a packet, sometimes he takes a beating. Jumping on the latest hot stock before the retail herd arrives, is where it is at. The ride can be wild but get it right and the prize is huge.

Dr Jekyll thinks Mr Hyde is a maniac. In his mind Hyde is doomed to fail and lose all his money.

Mr Hyde thinks Dr Jekyll is a loser, a Scrooge, too scared to make it big.

Who is right? Neither or perhaps both.

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